Biden’s Inauguration Day social media engagement, ViacomCBS rebrands streaming service as Paramount+, and AP style tips for ‘Inauguration Day’

Also: Verizon creates interactive mobile experience for Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2021’s top video content trends, TV host Al Roker receives COVID-19 vaccine on air, and more.

Hello, communicators:

 AP Stylebook has been tweeting tips for covering Inauguration Day from its 2021 topical guide, instructing that “Inauguration Day” should be capitalized “only when referring to the collection of events” that include President-elect Joe Biden’s swearing in:

The guide includes terms such as “National Guard,” “Lady Gaga,” “presidential oath of office” and “doctor.” You can brush up on the entries for this week’s stories as well as your future press releases and storytelling efforts.

Here are today’s top stories: 

Biden touts social media for virtual inauguration

As Washington, D.C. is locked down and the crowds are missing from Biden’s Inauguration Day, his team is turning to social media platforms to increase engagement and interaction while people stay safe at home. 

The Verge reported:

On Wednesday, Biden’s team will launch a Snapchat lens that transports users to the Capitol to participate from home. Once the inaugural lens is selected in the Snapchat reel, users can take a selfie in front of the Capitol as confetti falls from above. If users flip the camera around, they’ll be greeted by a Biden Jumbotron in front of a crowd of inauguration attendees whose faces are selfies sent in by supporters online.

“This year’s inauguration has allowed us to create new, innovative, and creative tools for Americans across the country to participate in inaugural traditions and ceremonies while staying home to keep everyone safe,” said Christian Tom, digital director for the presidential inaugural committee. “We are excited for President-elect Biden to share his message around unifying the country with folks on Snapchat and invite them to be a part of this historic inaugural.”

Outside of Biden’s team, platforms including YouTube and Twitter offer live updates as well as livestreaming options:

Why it’s important: As COVID-19 continues and in-person events are still delayed, it’s more important than ever to embrace digital outreach and virtual experiences. You don’t need to bust your budget to do so, either. Many livestreaming offerings are free, and if a custom Snapchat filter is too pricey, consider creating a GIF on Giphy or using a hashtag to call for crowd-sourced content. Just make sure to vet your hashtag beforehand and stick around to interact with consumers as they respond to the call.


The Metropolitan Museum of Art partnered with Verizon to bring the museum’s art pieces into people’s homes, using augmented reality to create a unique and interactive experience on smartphones:

You can even “unlock” works of art and virtually display them in your home using the app’s technology, as YouTuber Sam Sheffer shared:

The effort is an outstanding way to increase interest and engagement when people are still staying at home—and it can give you inspiration for creating digital-first experiences that highlight your organization’s offerings.


Oberlo recently released an infographic of top video marketing trends to know in 2021. Along with highlighting the growing interest with short-form video content on social media platforms including TikTok and Instagram, user-generated content on e-commerce websites can greatly increase sales and conversions:

Image courtesy of Oberlo.

Nearly 90% of video marketers say they get great ROI from video content, too:

Image courtesy of Oberlo.

It’s not just on-demand video that’s making waves, either. As several organizations canceled or postponed events in 2020, 70% of event organizers moved their in-person events online, but 50% expect these digital conferences and meetings to remain a trend after COVID-19.


Image courtesy of Oberlo.

You can view the entire infographic here.


“The Today Show” co-host Al Roker recently received his COVID-19 vaccine on air:

“The Today Show” wrote:

As our Vaccinating America series continues, he shares tips on how to schedule an appointment as he did and talks with Dr. Daniel Baker, and receives the vaccine live at New York’s Lenox Hill hospital. “Will I get a Hello Kitty Band-Aid?” Al jokes with nurse Jessica Callard.

Consider ways you can distribute vaccine information in new ways and using different channels to expand your reach. That includes partnering with influencers, showing people getting the vaccine or sharing people’s stories, spreading information via visuals such as infographics, and more.


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ViacomCBS rebrands streaming service as ‘Paramount+’

The media and entertainment company announced on Tuesday that its CBS All-Access digital content offering will become Paramount+, a bulked-up streaming service aimed to compete with NBC’s Peacock, Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, HBO Max and more.

In a press release, ViacomCBS wrote:

According to Domenic DiMeglio, EVP, head of operations and chief marketing officer for ViacomCBS Digital, the Paramount name will lift expectations of entertainment, content range, and quality—and build interest in the service’s originals.

“We recognize that we’re asking people to pull out their credit card and subscribe to our service. The Paramount brand, which audiences strongly associate with creativity and great storytelling, helps signal it’s worth the price,” says DiMeglio. “Being able to say something is a Paramount+ Original will give it instant credibility in the eyes of consumer: ‘Oh, that’s associated with the Paramount brand, that’s going to be quality content.’”

Why it matters: As the streaming wars heat up, organizations are fighting for for both relevance and consumers’ wallets. The Los Angeles Times reported an October 2020 Deloitte survey that revealed 46% of respondents canceled at least one streaming service in the past six months—an increase of 26% from the amount canceling at the beginning of 2020. Entering the streaming arena or creating digital content is just a first step. As with other social and digital media campaigns, brand managers must tailor and personalize already valuable content to stand out from the crowd.


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