Infographic: The best and worst email signoffs during COVID-19

How should you wrap up your business emails during a global pandemic? This chart ranks examples from highly empathetic to extremely tone deaf.

infographic Best and Worst Email Signoffs Heros Journey Content

Editor’s note: This article is a re-run as part of our countdown of top stories from the past year.

What’s the best way to end your email when everything is upended by the COVID-19 crisis? Should you sign off with your usual salutation or is something more personal or affectionate called for?

This infographic from Hero’s Content Journey offers a sampling of email closings that fit the moment, either with a bit of levity to brighten the reader’s day, or with some simple earnest well wishes.

Some of the best include:

  • Take care
  • Stay awesome
  • Best

On the other end of the spectrum?

  • Peace out
  • Have a great day
  • Cheers

How are you adapting your email greetings and closings during this crisis? Any particularly egregious examples to share?


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