Lowe’s launches e-commerce holiday campaign, Target highlights inclusive Halloween costumes, and takeaways from Merriam-Websters’ Twitter savvy

Also: Tarte Cosmetics gets real with GIFs, TV ads have increased in 2020’s last quarter (viewer numbers are still down), ideas to inspire you and your colleagues, and more.

Hello, communicators:       

The social media manager for Tarte Cosmetics started Monday with a relateable GIF about attending Zoom meetings:

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Here are today’s top stories:

Lowe’s ramps up its ‘Season of Savings’

 The home improvement chain kicked off its holiday campaign on Oct. 22 and is focusing marketing efforts on ways consumers can “put their homes at the top of their gift lists”:

The move follows similar extended and e-commerce-focused holiday campaigns from Target, Amazon, Walmart and more.

Why it’s important: Lowe’s said its efforts cater to the fact that 93% of United States consumers’ time is spent at home this year. As more consumers stay at home and turn to online shopping, retailers are quickly changing their strategies to capitalize on the trend that’s here to stay. You would do well to do the same.


Merriam-Webster announced that the #WordOfTheDay is “repine”:

The resource also recently shared the etymology of words such as “fatigue” to match consumers’ current moods:

It’s no stranger to sharing the most popular word or phrase searches during trending events, such as the final presidential election debate:

Merriam-Webster has also ramped up its fall-related word roundups and topical guides that are both informative and clever, such as “19 words for the cranky and disagreeable”:

The dictionary’s social media efforts showcase examples of creative content and collections that are both timely and interesting to their fans, while highlighting the organization’s mission and offerings.

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Samba TV’s The State of Viewership Q3 2020 Report revealed that network reach increased 7% in September, compared with June through August—an increase probably due to the presidential election, National Basketball League playoffs and the start of the National Football League’s season.

With the rise of TV viewers comes an increase in ads—up 18.5% in this year’s third quarter, compared with the second quarter. Samba TV reported a 348% increase in travel ads, with energy organizations’ messaging increasing 106% and automotive ads increasing 72%. Apparel and retail ads also grew, rising 45% and 34% respectively in the last quarter:

Image courtesy of Samba TV.

Though viewer and advertising numbers were up in 2020’s third quarter, top news networks including CNN, Fox News and MSNBC have decreased viewer numbers in the last quarter, ranging from a 4% drop to a 16% decline:

Image courtesy of Samba TV.

Viewer numbers are down for sporting matches, too, including the 2020 NBA playoffs:

Image courtesy of Samba TV.

There are a number of possible reasons for the fluctuations, such as more consumers watching streaming services’ content instead of sports games or traditional news broadcasts.

More and more consumers are also turning to social media and other formats to get their news and updates. As consumers are becoming more overwhelmed by the COVID-19 crisis as well as tumultuous presidential election and racial justice protests, consumer behaviors are continuing to shift and affect content consumption behaviors.

You can view the entire report here.


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Target recently shared a peek behind the scenes of its photo shoot for the retailers’ adaptive Halloween costume line:

While you strive to reach DE&I goals or launch a purpose-led communications campaign, don’t forget the plethora of stories from employees, influencers and consumers involved. Sharing insights from members of your workforce or people in your community can expand your reach and bolster your brand image.


Communicators have had to scramble throughout 2020 as they respond to historical crises by recreating business continuity plans, putting leaders front and center to build trust during a global pandemic, adjusting campaigns to meet changing consumer attitudes, pushing for accountability with social justice as well as DE&I commitments, and more. It’s been hard work, and many are ramping up their efforts as we near the 2020 U.S. presedential election and the holiday season. Don’t forget to encourage your fellow communicators. The next person you inspire could really need the boost.


Consider these items to spread motivation:


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