PR Daily’s top stories of 2021: Nos. 11-20

It’s the penultimate day of 2021, so we’re sharing the stories that nearly cracked our top 10 for the year. Check out this list of fan favorites.

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Only two days left in 2021, and we’re rushing to celebrate our favorite stories from the past year. We hope you enjoy these articles about setting boundaries in the workplace, PR uses for Clubhouse, and what journalists wish PR pros understood about them.

Here are the top stories from 2021, Nos. 11-20:

11. 59 phrases to help you set boundaries

12. 52 transitional phrases to keep your writing connected

13. Is Clubhouse the next big social media platform for brands?

14. How negotiation skills help leaders defuse work conflicts

15. 5 tips for identifying—and avoiding—cognitive bias during a crisis

16. 5 influencer marketing predictions for 2021

17. CDC offers chart on relaxed mask guidance, influencer marketing budgets increase in 2021, and ‘Insider’ journalist union pushes for measurement reform

18. 7 relatable and hilarious ‘Onion’ headlines about social media

19. 3 social media trends to embrace in 2021

20. 10 ways journalists wish PR pros understood their work



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