Sample KPIs to Show DEI Impact

Ragan Training experts deliver real-world tactics that help you succeed. Here are several to help you measure DEI efforts, shared by Petco’s Leslie Ridgley in a recent session titled “DEI Beyond Words.”

DEI programs can sometimes fail because they’re not anchored by realistic goals and measurable outcomes. Here are three ideas to help ensure your good intentions are followed by action:

1. Operationalize DEI with the 4 A’s. “I started this work because I wanted to change people’s hearts,” said Leslie R. Ridgley, head of diversity, inclusion and belonging at Petco in recent Ragan workshop titled DEI Beyond Words.”

 “I realized I couldn’t do that without a process like this [below] and a real recognition that you’re in a journey.”

“Too many teams get excited and jump straight from the idea into accountability,” she added. “That’s wrong. Follow the path from awareness to appreciation, application to accountability.”

2. Get beyond principles—get practical with KPIs. “Your plan is nothing without measurement,” Ridgley said. “Be intentional with your goals by attaching KPIs to show real impact.”

 If you’re in internal communications, for example, look across your channels and determine how you’ll track engagement for DEI content. Ridgley shared the following KPI chart as an example:

3. Celebrate and share your wins. “Don’t forget to celebrate accomplishments like posting 24 DEI stories to your intranet or partnering with HR to create 10 heritage month pieces,” said Ridgley.

 But don’t stop there.

“Call out your impact with the metrics,” she said. “Let people know that ‘90% of employees reported an increase in awareness,’ or we saw a ‘50% increase in clickthroughs.’”

Brian Pittman  is the Dean of Ragan Training and a Ragan Communications event producer.



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