TikTok personalizes users’ 2020 recaps, Execs’ ‘unprecedented’ interest in mental health, and FedEx gives Toys for Tots $5M

Also: A digital marketer’s take on ‘Deck the Halls,’ Pinterest reports the hottest trends for 2021, Los Angeles Rams’ player to launch YouTube series, and more.

Hello, communicators:

SEMrush’s social media team recently tweeted a new take on “Deck the Halls” to focus on marketing efforts:

Redial Media’s jingle focused on content:

Metizsoft Solutions added SEO and Google lyrics:

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Here are today’s top stories:

TikTok creates personalized 2020 recap

 The social media app is offering its users tailored overviews of the year for the first time in history:

Engadget reported:

The next time you open the app, you’ll see a personalized collection of all your favorite clips from the past 12 months, in addition to a handful of top “vibes” based on the content you watched most. Once you’ve downloaded the latest version of the app, you’ll find the “Year on TikTok” feature by tapping the relevant icon in the For You feed or the dedicated banner on the Discover page. If you only recently started using TikTok, your personalized list will feature selections from the company’s Top 100 list. You’ll also earn a special badge if you share your favorites video.

TechCrunch reported:

The feature will also identify your favorite “vibes” — meaning, the sort of videos you like best, such as crafts, cooking, animals, travel, Cottagecore or any of the now numerous communities that have sprung up on the social video platform.

The effort follows in the footsteps of Spotify’s personalized annual roundup for users, called “Wrapped.”

Why it’s important: Personalized content and messages will be even more important as PR and marketing pros seek to break through walls of content and offerings, all vying for audiences’ attention. These tailored content selections shouldn’t just be used for yearly roundups, either. Consider ways you can cater to your target audience’s needs or provide content that your social media fans can further personalize, such as Zoom backgrounds or digital coloring pages.


John Krasinski came back for a special holiday episode of “Some Good News,” a YouTube series the actor launched in late March and sold to ViacomCBS in late May:

The episode featured messages from actors and artists George Clooney, Justin Timberlake and Dwayne Johnson—along with a donation of $5 million from FedEx to Toys for Tots. Both the company and the nonprofit shared the video with additional messages on Twitter:



While many organizations and social media platforms have published end-of-year trend reports, Pinterest is looking to 2021 with “Pinterest Predicts,” which it calls a “window into the future from the platform where people go to plan it.”

Pinterest predicts that 2021 will be the year where people “take the regular and reinvent it,” shown through searches for “podcast design” increasing 130% and “small business ideas” rising 90%.

Andréa Mallard, chief marketing officer at Pinterest, wrote in a foreword:

Turns out, when everything breaks, so do the norms. This year won’t be about “back to normal” or even “the new normal.” Nobody cares about “normal” anymore.

One of those reinventions is the car as consumers’ “third space” for activities, such as date nights or a “car man cave.” Searches for “drive-in cinema” increased 190% and trended in the United States, Germany and Indonesia:

Image courtesy of Pinterest.


For each trend, Pinterest included several tips and ideas to help brand managers capitalize on consumer interest, regardless of your organization or industry:

Auto brands can spotlight next-level luxury like massage seats, surround sound or vista roofs. Household brands can share everyday items to keep handy in the car, like wet wipes, hand sanitizer and lip balm. Food or beverage brands can promote on-the-go drinks and snacks. Wellness brands can share instant Zen options, like car diffusers. Pet brands can show Pinners how to make their hang hospitable to furry friends. And auto insurance can emphasize the importance of insuring that fancy new car cave with car insurance.

The report is an excellent look at current and upcoming trends, and can serve as a reminder not to dismiss a trend or social media platform until you’ve considered if your audience is involved—or explored the possibility of reaching new audiences.

You can read the entire report here.


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Arianna Huffington underlines importance of workplace well-being

The founder and chief executive of Thrive Global recently reported “unprecedented interest” from organizations’ executives around workplace wellness and employees’ mental health.

Huffington told Yahoo Finance:

Now months into the pandemic, with a dark winter ahead of us, we are seeing the evidence of an increase in depression, anxiety, and worker burnout everywhere, both among those of us who have the luxury of being able to work from home and the frontline workers.

… For the first time, we are seeing an unprecedented interest from the C-suite on this issue of mental health. So, it’s not just a matter for HR professionals. The recognition is now clear, that the well-being and mental resilience of your employees is going to be crucial to productivity and the bottom line.

Why it matters: Workplace well-being isn’t just the concern of your employee engagement director or HR team. Especially as more consumers look to purchase from and become loyal to brands that align with their values, showcasing your company culture should be a goal within digital storytelling efforts and communications campaigns. Giving people a peek at your culture is also a natural way to highlight your organization’s internal efforts with promoting diversity, equity and inclusion.


Sebastian Joseph-Day, athlete for the National Football League’s Los Angeles Rams, is starting a new YouTube series in January called, “Dine & Bash”:

“There’s a story behind every store front,” Joseph-Day said in his video announcement. “Come with me and try to discover some of the best food and coolest stories in L.A.”

As more athletes and celebrities look to digital storytelling efforts, such as podcasts or YouTube series, brand managers should consider potential partnerships and be on the lookout for ways their organizations can harness similar success through employees’ experiences or outstanding content across social media platforms.


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 As you’re altering your holiday campaigns and searching for ways to engage consumers and employees during COVID-19, don’t forget the power of gifts. These can come in the form of interactive content and holiday sweepstakes for your social media followers or thoughtful gifts given by you or your entire organization to members of your workforce, partners, influencers and more.

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