Deloitte closes UK offices in remote work shift, AMC Theaters highlight safety, and 31% of PR agencies see social media as top revenue driver

Also: Spotify shares a chart of top-streamed songs, Domino’s Pizza India emphasizes safety with physician’s YouTube video, Disney embraces virtual content, and more.

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Spotify’s social media team started out the week by sharing the top songs streamed around the world from Oct. 9 to Oct. 15:

The move is a great way to showcase data with visuals, packaging so that consumers will interact with it (its top 10 songs image grabbed more than 2,700 retweets within the first hour of posting). Consider ways you can do the same with interesting facts about your organization and its offerings.

Here are today’s top stories: 

Deloitte closes UK offices in shift to remote work

The consulting firm announced its shutting down four of its 50 offices in the United Kingdom as it seeks to cut overhead costs amid COVID-19. The affected offices include Liverpool, Southampton, Nottinghm and Gatwick, and the roughly 500 cmployees in those offices will switch to work-from-home contracts.

Business Insider reported:

“COVID-19 has fast-tracked our future of work programme, leading us to review our real estate portfolio,” Stephen Griggs, Deloitte’s UK managing partner, said in an emailed statement.

Why it’s important: Remote and hybrid workforces are no longer a futuristic concept or a short-term solution to working during COVID-19. Instead, organizations across industries are adopting more flexible work arrangements and integrating them immediately. The changing workplace landscape, in many ways, will remain a permanent trend. When shifting your workforce layout, elicit employee feedback—and implement the insights you receive, to make sure your employees are happy and secure with your updated policies and procedures.


The social media team for Domino’s Pizza in India shared a video by Dr. Shriram Nene, in which the physician discussed whether food delivery was safe during COVID-19. (Spoiler alert: Nene said it was potentially safe, provided you and the organization you order from practice safe handling.)

In a time when consumers’ questions and concerns are running high, sharing insights and facts from well-known organizations and experts can help to put minds at ease and increase trust.

Consider the ways you can also share helpful information that subtly tie to your brand offerings on your social media profiles.


Law firm Davis & Gilbert released the trends and highlights from its PR industry survey, in which 31% of PR agencies reported that they expect the greatest revenue growth to come from social media and influencer campaigns, followed by 29% that pointed to earned media as the biggest revenue driver over the next five years:


Image courtesy of Davis & Gilbert LLP.

These revenue areas are stacked against several challenges facing PR agencies this year, also reported in Davis and Gilbert’s survey:


Image courtesy of Davis & Gilbert LLP.

You can read the entire report here.


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 AMC Theaters touts safety procedures and private showings

The cinema chain has been announcing the re-opening of its theaters across the United States, including its New York locations, which will open on Friday, Oct. 23:

As part of its opening announcements, AMC is highlighting its “Safe and Clean protocols”:

It’s also touting the opportunity to privately rent one of its theaters, starting at $99, excluding tax. Rentals can hold up to 20 people and can include additional features including food, drinks and a microphone (all at an extra cost).

CNN Business reported:

AMC’s revenues fell to $941.5 million, down roughly 22% compared with $1.2 billion in the same quarter last year, according to a Security and Exchange Commission filing in June. In another filing, the world’s largest theater chain could run out of money by the end of the year.

Why it’s important: The second wave of COVID-19 cases can quickly delay planned openings, keeping organizations’ doors closed to consumers or forcing them to close again when local restrictions take effect. Ensure the next year of strategies includes several digital-first offerings and continue to brainstorm innovative offerings that can cater to changed consumer behaviors and needs.

Though touting your cleaning and safety policies is a best practice during COVID-19, don’t expect those messages to be your saving grace to get traffic back to physical locations, especially as many consumers stay at home.


More than half (57%) of social media managers say they plan to leave their current position within two years, according to a new survey from the Institute for Public Relations, Ragan Communications and the University of Florida. Though these managers are ambitious, the career path to social media leadership roles remains unclear.


The report sheds light on social media pros’ career trajectory as well as the challenging lack of resources and employee burnout that’s on the rise. Check out the findings here.

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Disney Parks’ social media team shared an interactive Haunted Mansion activity, in which social media users can color the popular attraction’s portrait chamber:

Disney’s Lucasfilms team is also hard at work, sharing “a bounty of new goods” with #MandoMondays, which promotes its upcoming season of “The Mandalorian”:

Considering that Disney recently laid off 28,000 of its employees and its theme parks that are open are operating at reduced capacity, digital content and ways to virtually entice consumers are even more important than ever before.


There’s no denying the need for tools and resources to help communicators of all stripes better reach and engage their stakeholders, using technology to better create and execute data-driven strategies that boost ROI and secure bigger budgets for the future. Whether making sure your mobile device is sending you notifications, enhancing your content to stand out from the crowd or increasing employee engagement as many work from home, technology is more important than ever in our “new normal.”


Consider these tools:


We asked what songs best describe a PR or communications career, and a few of our favorite responses included melodies by Rihanna, Kings of Leon, The Rolling Stones and the Eagles:

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