How Oklahoma State used research to develop and introduce new brand identity

A new logo was part of a larger strategic marketing and communications plan, leading to first place in the ‘Branding or Rebranding Campaign’ category of PR Daily’s 2020 Nonprofit PR Awards.

Part of Oklahoma State University’s first-ever strategic marketing and communication plan called for an updated brand identity. Founded in 1890, OSU now has a single mark that represents the entire university. It took two years to get there, with research serving as the foundation for the mark’s development.

Target market research, market penetration research, a digital audit of more than 1,600 online OSU accounts and websites, and an extensive competitive design analysis contributed to the logo facelift. The OSU team corrected design inconsistencies and stress-tested the revamped logo across several pieces of collateral to validate its effectiveness on everything from embroidery to print.

Launched with an extensive internal and external communications strategy, OSU retired more than 100 subsidiary logos; all institutions, colleges, departments, and units now utilize the new, overarching brand. A sure sign of success, there was no pushback from deans or vice presidents as their marks were retired.


2 Responses to “How Oklahoma State used research to develop and introduce new brand identity”

    Suzanne Harbison says:

    Would love to see examples/more information on “extensive internal and external communications strategy.”

    Also, is there a link to PR Daily’s 2020 Nonprofit PR Awards?

      Ted Kitterman says:

      Hi Suzanne! You can find more about our current and upcoming awards programs at

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