Infographic: 5 influencer marketing trends to watch in 2022

That’s right, it’s time to get your Charli D’Amelio on.


Instagram shopping, trending songs on TikTok and the girl you know from high school who promotes a certain brand of canned sparkling water to her 13,000 followers—those are all byproducts of the booming influencer marketing market. The industry skyrocketed in 2021, with the market predicted to reach a value of $15 billion this year.

Two teen sisters from Connecticut gained fame through choreographed dances and high school-level relationship drama; now their family stars in a show on Hulu and rakes in millions of dollars in endorsement deals. Seth Rogen is an actor, writer and director…and a cannabis influencer. The NCAA’s decision to allow college athletes to own their names, images and likenesses, thereby opening the door for lucrative marketing partnerships, changed the name of the game in college sports in 2021.

Whatever your thoughts are on TikTok dances or what people should be smoking, it would be ill-advised to discount the influencer marketing industry’s potential for reaching your target audience this year.

A new infographic from SocialPubli covers five emerging trends to watch if you’re looking to incorporate influencers in your marketing strategy.

The infographic includes predictions like:

  • TikTok will continue to grow.
  • Smaller influencers will have a greater impact than major influencers.
    • Micro-influencers actually see higher engagement rates on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.
  • Videos are getting shorter.
    • SocialPubli says “the average TikTok user spends 89 minutes watching short-form videos on the app every day.”
  • In-app shopping will expand.
    • Purchasing directly from posts and/or stories in apps like Instagram and Facebook has never been easier. Consider this a new opportunity to get potential customers right to your site.
  • Platforms will begin experimenting with new ways to get cash from viewers to influencers.

For more on these trends and takeaways, read the full infographic here.


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    Revglue says:

    Hi, Good day. This is a perfect guide for any beginner in the world of influencer marketing. It can often be super confusing when you are new to influencer marketing and you may not be aware of how to go about things. This article is great as it talks about the various factors that can make influencer marketing good. I agree with every single point that has been mentioned above.

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