PR Daily’s top stories of 2020: Nos. 21-30

2020 keeps slipping away, and we’re still counting down the stories that had the biggest readership this year. Check these out.


It’s almost a new year, and for many of us that first day of 2021 can’t come soon enough. However, we still have a few days left and so we’re still counting down our favorite stories of 2020. Here’s Nos. 21-30:

21. Marketing lessons from the South Korean beauty industry

22. 34 redundant, repetitive, and superfluous phrases

23. Flabby writing? Try these 7 tips for toning and trimming text

24. Interviewing for a PR job? Prepare for these 5 common questions

25. How the coronavirus is disrupting influencer marketing

26. YMCA’s response to COVID-19

27. Infographic: The best and worst email signoffs during COVID-19

28. Infographic: 10 essential facts about influencer marketing for 2020

29. Top opportunities and challenges for PR pros in 2020

30. How to respond when you can’t answer a question

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